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[DISCLAIMER]: If your account has been deactivated and you haven't contacted me with your updated details, I will remove you from the queue listing.

<Please read below for details on how to make a request>

Current Availability: CLOSED

Last Updated: 22/06/17

Currently working on:

Request for :iconastranacus: Astranacus  (25% Complete)

Progress notes:

Completion percentages:
  - >= 0% draft design
  - >= 25% lining and colouring
  - >= 60% shading
  - >= 90% finalising artwork

(completion status will likely be very inaccurate.)

Syntax: -Requester name, Status, Date completed (DD/MM) | if applicable, Additional notes.
- SoulfulMirror - COMPLETE 20/12/16
- LightLandstrider - COMPLETE 31/12/16 | Last Deviation of 2016!
- ZIOM5000 - COMPLETE 27/01
- jaradderaj - COMPLETE 08/03
- Svetomech - COMPLETE 30/05
- Astranacus
- ChaoticNote
- LunasAccountant

 Other requests/drawings:

  - FuzzyBrushy - COMPLETE 26/10, 04/05/17| 2 Gift requests
  - Rotorix - COMPLETE 13/12 | Gift
  -  Sky Scroll - COMPLETE 02/04 | Gift (Non-DeviantArt User)

[NOTE]: Requests are currently closed but the information below may still be helpful for future request openings.

Hello again!
    I'm trying something a little different for your requests this time around and unfortunately for you lot, I will only be taking five requests per journal. However, I may or may not take on more than the initial amount proposed and it all depends on how many I feel like doing, of course.

    The journal should more or less act the same way as my first journal and I will occasionally make progress updates as to where I am on my current project as well as any other status updates so you don't blindly wait for your request to be completed.

How to make a request:

    If you would like me to draw something for you, please send me your request through DeviantArt's note service as to keep the comments section cleaner (it just goes to show how many people actually read this message if they do use comments instead) - feel free to write whatever else you like in the comments section, though. You will be selected based on the amount of personal interest I have for your request. If you would like a greater chance of being selected, please provide any information you have about your character (name, likes/dislikes, personality, etc) as well as any references you may have.

    I will not be working on your requests immediately however as I have a few gifts drawings to work on first (and upcoming exams). That said, the gift drawings will act as a buffer for selection and I will populate the request queue below after I have completed them.

Further details:

    I'm just going to say it here and now, I'm sorry if I don't reply to your note, but I will send you a message after I have completed my gift works if you have been selected. After I have completed all of the requests for this journal, I will see about creating a new journal entry and taking on more requests where you will get another chance to make a request.

As an extra note; please don't be afraid to make more requests after this journal is done, even if you were selected for the current queue list, but please keep your requests limited to one per journal entry, thanks!

Sorry for the long-ish read and thanks to those who have read it all.
I'm excited to see what you've got for me this time around :)


P.S. There is probably going to be some grammatical errors or overly convoluted sentences above... I'm just going to submit this anyway.




Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:iconfuzzybrushy: FuzzyBrushy is my girlfriend and she's mine, only mine (:< I love you babe ♥


Who are you?
Hi! I'm Avastin4, or 'Av' for short, if you want. I'm just your average lurker here on DeviantArt that likes to draw ponies :)

What do you draw?
I draw both canon and OC ponies with PaintTool SAI as my preferred application while I sometimes use Photoshop or Manga studios for special effects.

Can I see any of your finished drawings during the "work in progress" period?
Send me a note and I can upload them for you if you are curious enough and perhaps want to try to somehow "learn" from my scribbles :P
Convince me enough and I might upload the source files for you as well (just a warning though, the source files are sometimes quite large).

What is your copyright policy?
My copyright policy isn't that strict; you can do whatever you want with my work, but please don't forget to give credit where due.

What about commissions/requests?
For now, I only take requests. Please check my journals for further information on my availability.

Do you have an original character?
Currently, no, but I'm slowly working on it!

Can I draw your original character(s) with mine?
Don't know why you would, but sure! Please tell me first if you are going to, though XD

Have a question for me?
Please send me a note, I would prefer them instead of comments on my profile to reduce the clutter - I will reply as soon as possible ;)


Hello, everyone!
This is just a notification to inform you all of whose requests I have decided to take on. Below is a list containing my selections:

- SoulfulMirror
- LightLandstrider
- ZIOM5000
- jaradderaj
- Svetomech
- Astranacus
- ChaoticNote
- LunasAccountant

I'm sorry to those who were hoping to be selected, and though I have chosen 8 requests instead of the initial amount of 5, do not worry as I will likely be reopening requests again after I have completed this list.
So if you are still interested when that happens, you will get another chance for selection :)

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for all your interesting ideas you have sent my way,
till next time!



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